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14. This Man's New Best Friend

The solitude of solo camping can be enormously gratifying. It's the ultimate in “making your own schedule” to wake up alone in a tent in the forest. But every now and then, I've had experiences in the wilderness which I know no matter how hard I try, I could never illustrate those moments with words. I see wildlife, water, and weather perform astonishing feats, and that's the sensation that makes me feel the closest to nature.

Chloe and I at Horseshoe Bend


All that is really fun and provocative when I'm rolling solo, but lately I have a companion on the trail. She's more than willing to tackle the toughest of foot and/or Jeep-paths with me, and she's great at sharing the workload. She makes a slammin' orange camp muffin, keeps a tidy tent, and helps me wash dishes. And as of late, she's even taken up her own fishing rod (and kindly proceeded to outfish me since that day).


I like taking adventures as a team with Chloe because we are enriched by all of those “holy shit!” moments together. We share the amazement found in the dynamic potential of Mother Nature high in the dark night sky or in the middle of a bubbling spring creek. And waking up in the chill above 10,000 ft is always a bit more achievable with another warm body in the tent.

Fun light scribbles like this are much easier with a partner in crime...


We live together in a modest duplex in the middle of the city, but we strive to be in the sticks as much as possible, even if for a night. We made this merry little movie together on an overnight trip earlier this summer. I hope our short adventure encourages you to grab somebody you love, or just like, and head for the hills before camping season freezes up!